Hyderabad IT Companies To Resume Office Soon

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Hyderabad's IT force will cease working from home and return to in-office operations.

IT Principal Secretary Jayesh Ranjan says the Telangana government wants people back to work and expects IT offices to be completely operational by the end of September.

Hyderabad: Hyderabad's IT corridor, which has been devastated by the Covid epidemic for more than a year, may soon be able to shed its barren appearance and resume its normal activity. Jayesh Ranjan, Telangana's Principal Secretary for Information Technology (IT), says that the state wants people to come back to work and expects IT offices to be completely operational by the end of September.

"The position of State government is that the offices should be reopened. The vaccination rate in the State is going up. Almost all sectors including hospitality, retail and entertainment, have reopened and the infection rate in the city has not gone up," he said.

IT campuses support not only the livelihoods of IT professionals, but also the livelihoods of many others, and so a lengthy suspension of the offices have had a significant financial impact on that industry.

"Many people depend on the IT sector to run their kitchens. There are hundreds of transport employees, housekeeping staff, security staff and those working in office cafeterias who are suffering. Now that there is a steep decrease in Covid cases and with so many vaccination drives, we think it is the right time to open the offices," Jayesh Ranjan pointed out.

Goldman Sachs may be reopening its office in the near future, he continues, "Some other firms are reopening their offices too. We are also talking to the senior management of some MNCs to start working from the office. This will induce confidence in the staff to start coming to the office."

The Secretary-General of the Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC), Krishna Yedula, states, "Many companies are waiting for the vaccination percentage to go up and having said that, I have to say that many MNCs have conducted drives to vaccinate their employees. The employers can look at more flexible options for employees to work from the office."

With rumours of a probable third wave of Covid in the nation, some employees may be hesitant to work from the office full-time. The officials, on the other hand, are certain that they have everything under control.

Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar said, "We are prepared to deal with any crisis. For now, we know that the situation is safe for the offices to reopen and some of them are already opening up."

Any unfavourable circumstances will be dealt with by the government. "If there is a third wave of the pandemic, we are prepared for it. After successfully handling two waves of the coronavirus, the government has enough facilities, medical equipment, trained staff, medicines etc to deal with the situation. We are monitoring the situations in other States as well," says Jayesh Ranjan.

After a year of working from home, a majority of employees want to return to the office – but not five days a week. Many employees hope that their employers will adopt a "hybrid model" of work, which allows them to work from home and attend the office on occasion.

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