Kids Using Headsets, AirPods For More Than An Hour May Turn Deaf

 - Sakshi Post

Experts have opined that increased usage of headphones, earbuds will likely increase hearing troubles in children. They clarified the statement saying that the auditory system maturation is more likely to get affected.

It is learned that Children, teenagers, and young adults are now listening to many hours of music exceeding 70 decibels of average leisure noise exposure for a day for a year.

Studies clarify that the auditory health risk is highest for people using personal audio systems for more than an hour a day at more than 50 per cent of volume. Daniel Fink, from The Quiet Coalition, condemned a recent Wall Street Journal article claiming 85 decibels is safe for children and teens and said 85 decibels is not a safe exposure for anyone.

“Children are at highest risk because their auditory system maturation is incomplete and normal hearing health is vital for learning, socialisation,” Fink noted.

Fink, along with audiologist Jan Mayesspoke, in the 180th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, held a virtual discussion about the need for personal audio system noise emission standards and public education on their use.

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