Lip-smacking Dishes You Must Try If You Are Visiting Hyderabad 

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Devraj Bollareddy 

Hyderabadi Biryani 
This definitely goes without saying and there needs to be no explanation as to why this dish is the first dish mentioned on this list. Hyderabad is synonymous with its biryani, although normal biryani is flavorful, Hyderabadi dum biryani is definitely a couple notches above normal biryani in terms of taste and flavor. The best part about Hyderabadi dum biryani is that the recipe is standard hence; the taste remains relatively same despite where you decide to go to have this biryani. 

Qubani Ka Meetha
This delicacy is made using dried apricot and is glazed with almonds. This dessert is unique to Hyderabad and it is a must try, especially if you have a sweet tooth. It is usually paired up with ice-cream or a side of thick malai. 

Hyderabadi Chicken 65
Although the usual standard chicken 65 is enough to get anyone’s mouth watering, it is no surprise that Hyderabadis take Chicken 65 to the next level. This appetizer is heavenly and pairs wonderfully with biryani. It is packed with flavor so it shocks your taste buds and is the perfect way to start any meal. 

Nihari or Nahari
This dish is an Eid special, so it is only widely available during Ramadan season. Nihari is a lamb stew which is slow cooked with bone marrow and sometimes even lamb brain. This dish is usually cooked overnight, allowing ample time for all the flavors to seep in. In some cases, the dish is even cooked underground so that the masala seeps into the meat. 

Double Ka Meetha 
This bread pudding dessert is a staple at any muslim wedding in Hyderabad. The texture is so soft and tender that the whole thing just melts into your mouth. This dessert is made by soaking bread slices in saffron infused milk. Fun fact, this dessert swells up to twice its size during baking. 

Hyderabadi Haleem 
This dish was introduced during the Nizam rule in Hyderabad, cooking this dish is usually a very lengthy process however, the end result definitely makes this dish worth all the effort. This dish is popular during Ramadan season because one portion of haleem can provide the human body with a day’s worth of nutrition. This is why this dish is a popular way to break the fast everyday during Ramadan season. 

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