ITC Engage Launches Fragrance Finder: Personalizes the Fragrance Shopping Experience

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Revolutionizes the online and physical retail shopping experience in a disruptive AI offering. 

ITC’s Engage, one of India’s top fragrance brands today announced the launch of an AI tool, Fragrance Finder, a technology-enabled experience that aids the selection of fragrances based on the consumer’s responses provided on personality, gender identity, and occasion of usage. A potentially industry disruptive initiative, the current retail landscape for fragrance shopping requires testing and trying on perfumes before making a purchase decision. The tool re-imagines the shopping experience for the fragrance category to bring in dimensions of one’s lifestyle and occasion of use as a part of the purchase decision. The algorithm of the Fragrance Finder maps the responses given by the consumer on gender identity, personality, preferences, and usage occasion to determine a fragrance that the consumer may like. The Fragrance Finder will be available both at retail and eCommerce stores across India.

Engage’s Fragrance Finder, developed by ITC Life Sciences and Technology Centre utilizes a technology interface to match a fragrance to the consumer. Once the QR code is scanned or the following link is clicked (www. by the consumer, it leads the consumer to a finder platform to respond to a few questions. Responses tracked accordingly provide a selection of fragrance options that the consumer may like. Sitting on the cusp of technology and personal care product choices, the new AI tool offers a personalized shopping experience aimed at potentially reinventing the fragrance category in India. 

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Sameer Satpathy, Divisional Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business, ITC Limited, said, “Consumer choices have changed manifold with the growth of e-commerce and large format stores. With the plethora of choices available, consumers often find it difficult to purchase the right fragrance, especially in eCommerce-led marketplaces. Engage Fragrance Finder is an AI-powered tool to recommend the best choice to the consumer and aid in making an informed decision.”

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“Engage continues its journey on innovation in the fragrance category with the launch of the Fragrance Finder. AI is the name of the game and Engage has attempted to make shopping for fragrances fun, easy, and engaging. Being a consumer, I could have never imagined that we could depend on technology to recommend fragrances for us basis our lifestyle choices! I am very excited about this latest offering and sure that the consumers will enjoy this too.” said Brand Ambassador and youth icon, Kartik Aaryan.

“It is really exciting to see Engage evolving continuously bringing to us this exciting Fragrance Finder. The tool is easy to navigate and I often find myself checking the tool when looking to purchase my next fragrance! Engage has upped their ‘engage’-ment quotient with the tool and I enjoyed the process of being recommended a scent basis beyond just a sense of smell! I hope consumers enjoy the journey of choosing a fragrance as much as I did.” Said Brand Ambassador and Youth icon, Tara Sutaria.

The algorithm is proprietary to ITC and has been developed basis extensive research and technology. Engage Fragrance Finder technology is a combination of two principles gamification & personalization, the tool uses technology to bring the fragrance expertise of the Brand straight to the consumer through a few clicks. Hence, the Fragrance finder enables and gives the consumer more power to make choices in the increasingly digital world of shopping.

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