Grooming Tips: How to Look Your Best on Valentine's Day

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Darshan Yewalekar shares how to glow up and stand out for that special date  

First impressions are important and so are second, third and subsequent ones but certain occasions need you to glow up and stand out more than usual. Love afterall, also means never taking your appearance for granted and always making the effort to look your best. Basic grooming as well as looking after your hair, hygiene and nails are of course an essential part of self-care but if you are stepping out to make the memory of a lifetime, maybe you need something extra.
Some advice from Bollywood's favourite hairstylist Darshan Yewalekar, maybe?

Here are a few tips for men from the stylist to the stars especially on the occasion of Valentine's Day:
Take care of the finer details: If you have a beard and/or a moustache, make sure they are not straggly and unkempt.  Check your ears and nose for unruly hair strands. If you are clean-shaven, make the effort to look both clean and shaven. Going on a date with 5 o'clock shadow is not a good look and not one that all men can carry. Don't neglect your hair either. Regardless of the length of your hair, make sure, it is styled and cut well. Don't cut your hair at the last minute. Go to a hairstylist a week prior to a big date because this gives the style to settle in a proper shape. If you have long hair and it is not always possible to keep it well-styled, choose a headgear that can become a part of your personality.  If you are a hair product guy, don't go overboard and use just the right amount for a well-groomed look. Not all men like their eyebrows to be shaped but it is perfectly okay to get them groomed by a professional.

Don't take your hygiene for granted: Good hygiene communicates that you are someone who takes care of yourself and that can be a hugely attractive feature. Well-groomed nails are a must. Keep them trimmed and filed and clean underneath them daily. Make sure your feet are dry when you put on a fresh pair of socks.  Fresh breath and clean teeth are mandatory as are well-maintained footwear and clothes. Use an antifungal dusting powder for feet and armpits. Every small positive makes a big difference to not just how you look but how you feel. Finally, choose a cologne that is your signature fragrance and don't overuse it.  A quick hot shower and a good moisturiser will also bring on a hard-to-miss natural glow.

Be comfortable with who you are: A person at ease with who he is can effortlessly make an impression. Having an original approach to dressing, a basic understanding of the style that goes with your personality is very important. Never overdress or underdress for a date but wear something that is right for the occasion and yet has your own distinct personality stamped all over it. Even if the occasion is casual and you want to wear shorts and a T-shirt, make sure even these basic items of clothing are stylish and represent you well. Don't try to be someone you are not. Being the best version of yourself is important but pretending to be someone you are not, will be eventually exhausting.

Be thoughtful and considerate: Showing your date what kind of a person you are is important. This means, not monopolising a conversation during a date, not checking your phone compulsively, not being rude to waiters and being respectful and considerate. Before you plan a date, you need to know if your date will be comfortable in the place of your choice, what kind of food or ambience she likes. If she prefers quieter places or a buzzing environment pulsing with loud music. If she likes books or art, why not think out of the box and invite her to an afternoon in a bookstore, a reading cafe, or an art gallery? Don't buy gifts just because you have to but get something that will make her happy. It is important to figure out what your partner likes and who she is as a person. If she loves adventure,  take her on a bowling date or plan a trek or a hike. Buy flowers or plants if she prefers them and these little touches will obviously make her feel that you are making an effort to know her. Building a relationship after all goes beyond just  Valentine's Day and is based on your overall approach towards life.  
Cultivate a world-view and a sense-of-humour: Nothing is more impressive than a mind that ticks, is open and has an interesting world-view. It is important to know about the world we live in and be well-informed. Being a good conversationalist is a big plus for anyone but especially for a person who is in a relationship or looking to be in one. Making your special person laugh is another super-power. A healthy sense of humour can bond couples for life because laughter brings people together, melts ice and makes people comfortable with each other.

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