Bigg Boss 6 Tamil: Why Did Kamal Haasan Remove This Contestant?

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Bigg Boss Tamil 6 elimination in the first week has seen a twist. Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan appeared on the show on Saturday for the weekend episode. 
While he spoke to all the contestants about how the week went by, all the inmates, but one seemed okay.
GP Muthu expressed his desire to leave the Bigg Boss Tamil 6 house. 

When BB Tamil 6 host Kamal Haasan asked him what was his problem to stay back in the house, GP Muthu stated that he was missing his son and he badly wanted to see him. 

Kamal was taken in by the Contestant's honesty and asked the Bigg Boss Tamil 6 gates house to be opened so he can leave the house. 

It is only two weeks into the show, but housemates had grown fond of GP Muthu, which was very evident. 

With a heavy heart, all the Bigg Bosa Tamil 6 contestants  bid a tearful farewell to GP Muthu. 

So technically, GP Muthu became the first contestant to walk out of the Bigg Boss 6 Tamil house. 

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