Amazon miniTV Announces Premiere of Thriller Recommended For You

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Mumbai: Having made viewers laugh, cry, or get them at the edge of their seats with its diverse content, Amazon miniTV now takes the excitement and entertainment a notch higher. Get ready for a thrilling narrative with the announcement of its latest short film ‘Recommended For You’. Directed by Shamik Sengupta, this short film features popular actor Ayush Mehra in the lead role.

‘Recommended For You’ revolves around Pranav (Ayush Mehra) who is casually watching online videos at home and suddenly clicks on a mysterious video in the recommended videos section. What happens next is a series of events that turn his life upside down.

“Amazon miniTV is home to several award-winning short films which our viewers have appreciated. Recommended For You is yet another a gripping story that showcases the influence of the cyber world on our lives. We are excited by our collaboration with Drishyam Films and Ayush Mehra and are sure that this short film will set your heart racing!”, said Girish Prabhu, Head of Amazon Advertising.

“We, at Drishyam Films, have always strived to present compelling and impactful storylines that excite audiences. Carrying that forward, we have started D2 Films, which represents our digital wing and Recommended For You is our first production. It is an edge-of-the-seat thriller which will keep the audiences hooked till the end. We are delighted to associate with Amazon miniTV that presents such path-breaking short stories. With its wide reach, viewers across all parts of the country will be able to enjoy this for free!” said Raghav Gupta, Co-Producer at Drishyam Films.

Recommended For You premieres on 20th July on Amazon miniTV on the Amazon shopping app and on Fire TV.

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