Top Warehouse Automation Companies in 2022

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As per an estimate by Brand Essence Market Research last year, the warehouse automation market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.6% between 2020 and 2027, reaching up to an expected valuation of more than $38.23 billion. Growing efficacy of automation, robotics and other allied technologies such as the inventory management systems have been playing the most crucial role in the spike witnessed in the segment. The key drivers though are warehouse automation companies that are turning concepts into reality. Here we take a look at some of the top warehouse automation companies that are the real drivers when it comes to the Indian market.

Falcon Autotech

Falcon Autotech is a warehouse automation solution provider with innovative, smart, flexible and cost-effective solutions. It helps businesses solve warehouse intra-logistics problems. The Indian company designs, manufactures, supplies, implements and maintains world class warehouse automation systems globally. Recently, market-bound logistics company Delhivery invested in the company as part of its strategy on future-ready hardware solutions. Founded in 2004, Falcon Autotech has been providing warehouse automation solutions for industries like ecommerce, logistics and courier etc.

Atmos Systems

Next in the list is Atmos Systems, a new-age warehouse automation specialist with strong lineage to the manufacturing industry under the brand name of Saifi. Founded in 2019, Atmos Systems offers innovative solutions, including state-of-the-art ACR Systems, ASRS Systems, WMS, sortation systems, smart conveyor systems and material handling machines. While the solutions enhance warehousing material movement, the processing capability increases multiple folds too, thereby making inbound, storage and outbound processes faster, error and damage free. The company is already providing its high end automation solutions to several players across E-commerce, 3PL, FMCG and logistics industries, among others. It plans to set up a full-fledged experience center where customers can touch and feel and experience technologies.

Mahindra Logistics

A trusted name across different sectors, Mahindra is also into warehouse automation under its Mahindra logistics wing. The services provided include Barcode labels & scanning automation, automated vehicles, automated storage and retrieval system, inventory automation and back office automation. It focuses on maximizing space utilization and trimming labour costs by up to 80%. In December, the company announced a long-term lease agreement with LOGOS, which is a logistics specialist functional in India, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Blue Star

Blue Star Engineering & Electronics is another credible name when it comes to warehouse automation solutions. Blue Star E&E offers cost-effective and high value solutions for warehouse automation. Equipped with bar-code/RFID and scanner technology, Blue Star E&E offers automatic loading and unloading systems for warehouse automation. Some of its specialized services include Closed Container ATLS, Open Truck ATLS, Warehouse Management System. There are other key elements of the solutions such as dynamic bin allocation, tracking of dates and lot, batch control, quarantine functions, directed picks, image-enabled and EDI transactions, in addition to Asset tracking system.

Armstrong Ltd

Armstrong is another intralogistics & warehouse automation solution provider that helps businesses solve complex problems with innovative know-how, hardware and software. The solutions are intuitive, targeted toward operational efficacy, space utilization, high visibility, effort reduction, with lowest TCO, faster, smarter and cheaper operations. Its industry-4.0/IIOT compliant solutions, such as Sorting & Dispatch Management, AS/RS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System), Receiving, Palletising, helps organizations achieve high productivity. It has catered to companies in FMCG, Food, E-tail, Parcel & Courier, Retail etc.

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