Why Is White Room Torture The Worst Punishment In The World?

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What is your favourite colour? If it is white, then be aware of this piece of news that we are going to share with you, which talks about another effect of this colour normally meant to be very soothing.

There is a punishment which is considered to be dangerous and scary, where the colour white is used to deal with punishing prisoners.

Yes, there is a punishment called ‘white room torture’ where a person is locked in a completely white room, white walls, white door and even the food served will be only white rice.

Even the bathroom and the infrastructure will be completely white in colour. There will be pin-drop silence in the cell, where you can hear only your voice. After a person starts living in this room, they soon forget things, sometimes even how their parents looked also.

This torture was mostly practised in Iran to make them break down mentally. A prisoner who experienced it, said, 'It got extremely difficult to stay after three days and to stay in complete silence. It broke me mentally.' You even believe a lie that the guard tells you like you lost the person you loved the most because of the room, he added.

Iran officials believed in the concept that mental pain is more effective than physical pain and thus implement this torture on such people who deserves this punishment.

After knowing about this torture, prison authorities in many countries thought that this could be implemented, especially for those who are accused of rape cases.

Do you think this punishment would make sense and can be adapted in the Indian  legal context, considering the rise in rape cases on women and children? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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