Ramadan Significance and Roza Benefits

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Ramzan aka Ramadaan is the most significant month in the Islamic calendar. During this holy month, most of the Muslims connect to the mighty Allah (SWT), and create a strong bond through Ibadah(worship) and Roza (fasting).

As per the holy Quran, this is the month where all the doors of hell are closed and gates of heaven are open for all and Zakat (Charity) is practiced, where some amount of your income is donated to the poor or the needy.

In this divine month, Muslims fast from sunrise till sunset, avoid eating or drinking anything, stay away from pleasurable desires, and offer Namaz (prayers) 5 times a day. This holy month is considered the best time to get in touch with your spirituality, family and the community with peace and love.
Fasting in this month is away to refrain oneself from speaking bad words, sighting bad things and doing any pleasurable activity which teachers discipline, patience and peace.

Iftar and Suhoor (sehri) is the time when Muslims have their meals, Suhoor is the time before the sunrise and Iftar is after sunrise.

A unity is formed among the Muslims and their families where most of them gather in their homes and Masjids during the time of Iftar and suhoor.
Health benefits of fasting:

Fasting is the best way to detox your body, which also leads to a lot of benefits physiologically and psychologically.  
1.      Boosts immunity: During Ramzan, most of the people prefer having Fruits and avoid smoking and drinking which leads to improvement in immunity and metabolism.
2.      Increases focus: Offering namaz regularly during the month of ramzan increases spirituality and mindfulness leading to enhance our concentration level.
3.      Improves blood sugar levels: Fasting helps diabetic patients in improving insulin sensitivity leading to boosting sugar levels and cutting bad cholesterol.
4.      Regulates blood circulation: Fasting helps in purifying blood and reduces risk of heart attacks.
5.      Promotes weight loss: This holy month is the best period to lower the belly fat and lose weight efficiently by having healthy food and following practices

Byline: Ateequr Rahman

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