Paw Petisserie Offers Edible Rakhi’s This Rakhi For Your Pet Friends !

Sakshi Post Interview With Paw Petisseri Founder Yashika Arora

Delhi-based Paw Petisserie is an exclusive bakery for pets launched by Yashika Arora in 2017.

Check Out Yashika's journey with P Charitha of Sakshi Post, about how she started Paw Pettisserie and got into curating high-quality, organic goodies for other pet pooches !

Please share your journey of starting this exclusive organic pet food bakery.

The journey of starting Paw Petisserie has been wonderful. From a person who was scared of dogs to being a complete pet lover after my dog, Cristo, came into my life– finally starting a bakery inspired by the love for dogs has been life-changing. It’s amazing to see how pet parents consider their pets as their own family members and are willing to pamper them with treats and goodies.

The ultimate reward is the reactions of our furry customers enjoying our pet-friendly cakes, cupcakes, ice creams, and treats. It inspires us to do better every day and we make sure they deserve nothing but the best and the healthiest. The journey of starting Paw Petisserie has been wonderful. It’s amazing to see how pet parents consider their pets as their own family members and are willing to pamper them with the right kind of treats.

Seeing the reactions of our furry customers enjoying our pet-friendly cakes, cupcakes, ice creams and treats inspires us every day to do better.

What are the challenges faced while starting Paw Petisserie? How did you overcome them, in terms of funding, operations, etc.?

Running a business comes with its set of challenges but we have always seen them as stepping stones. Before starting a pet bakery, there weren’t many examples to follow. Creating recipes, reaching the right audience, managing logistics and operations - everything required research and experiments. When we started, the first challenge was to make people aware that their pets can eat baked goods made with pet-friendly ingredients. Social media was an incredible tool to expand the reach and gain a loyal customer base.

Starting out, we faced numerous roadblocks while securing the right kind of vendors and third-party partners in place. After various trials with different vendors and companies, we were able to choose the optimum ones for our bakery in terms of ingredients, packaging, and logistics.

Paw Petisserie is a self-funded organisation and to become a self-sufficient one took a combination of love for pets, persistent effort and learning experiences. Today, we can confidently boast a dedicated team of helping hands catering to the hearts of thousands of fur babies and their satisfied owners.

What makes Paw Petisserie products stand out from other pet food products?

Paw Petisserie menu is curated with a passion for pets and their safety is of utmost importance. Each product used is healthy and safe, free of any artificial preservatives. We have a wide range of treats including chips, brownies, cakes, cupcake and ice creams. These goodies are hand-made and can be customised according to flavours and designs of your choice.

All the products in our menu are gluten-free, salt-free, sugar-free, preservative-free, and artificial flavour/colour-free.

What are the benefits of organic food for pets?

The benefits of organic food are that there are no harmful chemicals added to them. No sugar, no salt as all pet parents know that large quantities of sugar and salt can be harmful to dogs. Organic food is a safer and healthier option for your pets.

Do you keep working on new recipes and ingredients for your menu?  

Always! We keep innovating with new treats and goodies for all the pets to enjoy. We make special treats for every occasion/festival as well, for eg: We make Edible Rakhi’s for Rakhi, Laddoos for Diwali, Gingerbread cookies for Christmas, etc.

We also keep introducing new treats and flavours periodically in our regular menu for our furry customers to devour!

Could you tell us about anything interesting you experienced in your journey of baking goodies for pets.

People might think it’s easy to bake for pets since dogs eat anything and everything. But it’s not true for all dogs. We often face challenges creating a cake with all pet-safe ingredients, especially when the pet has any dietary restrictions or allergies.

Making sure you give them the right kind of fresh goodies made with organic and natural ingredients is a challenge we love to overcome.

In India, people prefer home-cooked food for their pets, any words of advice for pet parents in terms of food and diet for their fluffed ones.

Yes, people prefer home-cooked food for pets in India and that is absolutely the right choice.

Everyone deserves fresh food, even our pets.

Although, it’s important to consult a vet or a nutritionist so that your pets get the right amount of nutrients, fibre and protein in the food that you cook for them at home.

What’s next for Paw Petisserie, any future plans to set shop in other places in India?

Paw Petisserie is equipped to expand and open more outlets, not just in the city but also across the country. We are looking forward to open an offline bakery and a cafe to invite all pets with their owners to have a relaxing and joyful time.

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