Hyderabad Gets Asia's First HDRF Centre

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Hyderabad: Globally acclaimed Pet friendly The Hermione Duncan Reddy foundation announced opening its center in India at Hyderabad. This is the foundation's first center in Asia. 

The Hermione Duncan Reddy foundation ( HDRF)  was started in Tampa Florida USA  to help pet owners who have financial difficulties care for their pets. The funds support pets in need of medical and financial aid. 

HDRF is the brainchild of Dr. Sree Reddy a native of Telangana state who presently resides in Florida USA. HDRF has already established five world class centers for pet care which are fully equipped. Besides setting up a center at Hyderabad HDRF intends to establish a hospital dedicated to animals and a reference and diagnostic lab. 

The event among others was attended by  Indian Actor, Politician, Film Maker Mr. R Sarath Kumar ; Dr Sree Reddy Founder & President  HDRF, USA 

Indian Actor, Politician, Film Maker Mr. R Sarath Kumar said “Living and staying with pets will increase our productivity besides relieving stress! I am glad to be part of this beautiful pet friendly event and announcement from HDRF to open its center in India at Hyderabad. As a pet lover and owner this means a lot for me. I am sure HDRF will create awareness on pets issues and make us more responsible citizens”

Speaking on the occasion Dr Sree Reddy Founder & President HDRF, USA  said “India currently has 32 million pets, and the population is growing at a rate of more than 12% per year. During the pandemic, it grew to thirty-two million, which is almost a two times growth in the last couple of years. 14M pets die annually from treatable illnesses due to families being unable to afford pet care. 

However, while the industry has grown significantly, there are still challenges that need to be addressed. One of the main challenges facing the pet care industry in India is the lack of a robust and organized pet care community. Many pet parents in India rely on local veterinarians, who may not have the necessary training or resources to provide adequate care for their pets. Additionally, there is a shortage of pet-specific products and services in many areas, which makes it difficult for pet parents to find the products and services that they need for their pets. In spite of the overall acceleration in the industry, it is clear that there are still a lot of efforts to be made to establish a strong pet care community. The ecosystem has a considerable lag that is keeping us from reaching our intended goal. While enthusiastic “pawrents” want to do everything for their pet babies, the only issue that they face is a lack of community or support system to fall back on”

Ms Archana, Board member of HDRF said “ We at HDRF work closely with all stakeholders including governments and municipal corporations in bringing awareness on pet care, handling pets and stray vaccinations . Our new hospital which is coming in Hyderabad is a state of the art health facility for pets and strays.  Besides we will be soon launching pet diagnostics and reference lab facilities for the first time in India at Hyderabad.

Dr Sandhya Kanuganti , Co Founder and Board Member said “ Has been instrumental in running HDRF in USA for the past 4 years and has done phenomenal job and has helped thousands of  pets and pet parents to date spending more than $2M in funds mostly donated by Dr Sree Reddy and Dr Sandhya Kanuganti . Sandhya will be leading the committee who will be instrumental in approving the grants for NGOs so that money can be well spent helping the stray and needy pets and their families 

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