Celebrate Your Paw Friend This Friendship day

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Celebrate your Paw Friend this Friendship day. 

Every year we celebrate Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August to commemorate our special relationship in life and to celebrate the love and warmth we have for our friends. This Friendship Day, we explore a unique friendship between a human and his furry friend. Both bonded with love and warmth for their common passion of riding together. 

Meet Vamsi Vedam, a 27-year-old music producer based out of Hyderabad riding his Royal Enfield Classic 350 through the streets of Hyderabad. His journey to riding with his paw friend is no less inspirational. Not very long ago, he was performing at a cafe in Hyderabad where adoption drives happen every Sunday. 30 minutes into his performance, a rescuer comes with a huge cage and a tiny little pup in it. Everybody in the cafe went crazy for this puppy and surrounded the cage, but the pup didn't give a care. But destiny got Vamsi and the pup etched - Vamsi decided to take a break from his set and went close to the cage. He fell in love with this little pup and named him Bear. 

Together, Vamsi and Bear have been on the road. Together on the motorcycle they have, toured Hampi, Goa, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Bagalkot. He describes his journey as both amazing and scary at times as he has to maintain an average of 80KMph. When it comes to riding with pets, training them to adjust to their surroundings and behave is the most crucial process. Explaining how he trained his companion, Vamsi shares that the training started at a very young age. She started riding on the bike when she was 29 days old. That's when she was adopted. Bear grew confident about her being able to handle herself and shifted her onto the tank. It took a month for the both of them to get used to riding like this. She sits on Vamsi’s thighs with her forelegs on the tank.

Bear is Vamsi’s best friend and best riding partner on his journey to motorcycling. His paw friend inspires him to travel and it's fun to see people looking at us while we do that. It's amazing how she can make people smile just by looking at them and I have seen that happen a million times - where they forget everything they are going through, and just smile.

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