Britain Woman Marries Dog After Divorce With Her Husband

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Conflicts and having discussions with each other is a common phenomenon between husband and wife. No matter how much they fight with one another, the love between them will remain the same. Though people go to the stage of handing over divorce to their partners, they will always feel the loneliness of missing their partner. 

But this feeling is not the same in the case of this British woman. Yes, the woman married a dog after giving divorce to her husband and living her life happily. Going into further details, Amanda Rodgers, a woman from Britain, got separated from her husband and has been living a lonely life for some time. 

However, Amanda says that it was during this time that she fell in love with her dog, Sheba. Amanda brought Sheba when she was two months old. She said that she could find true love in the eyes of her pet dog. So she stood on her knees and proposed, choosing Sheba as her partner. 

As Sheba nodded and agreed to her proposal, Amanda married her pet dog in the presence of 200 relatives. In fact, Amanda feels that she is happier with the dog than with her partner. Netizens were left awestruck after listening to Amanda's story.

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