Bhogi 2022: What Bhogi Means? How Is It Celebrated?

Bhogi 2022: What Bhogi Means? How Is It Celebrated? - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Bhogi is the first day of Makar Sankranti, a four-day Pongal celebration. It is primarily observed in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka in the southern states.

Why do we celebrate bhogi?

On Bhogi day, Lord Indra, the god of rain and clouds, is honoured. Farmers worship Indra to obtain his blessings for a plentiful crop that will bring them wealth and success. As a result, this day is known as Indran.

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How is Bhogi celebrated?

Around the sacred fire, women don fresh clothing and sing mantras. They tidy their house and create a colourful and floral rangoli in front of it. People often use marigold garlands and mango leaves to adorn their homes.

Bhogi Celebrations

In Andhra Pradesh, Bhogi festivities include popular customs such as starting a bonfire at times when all old materials in the house, especially fabric items, are utilised to feed the fire, which lasts until the early morning hours.

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On Bhogi day and the three days after, residences will be decked up in festive attire, with their front yards adorned with rangoli, in the midst of which yellow flowers will be placed to provide fragrance and colour.

Sugar cane plants, as well as green plants with turmeric roots, are tied in front of the home, representing the sweetness and auspiciousness of the season.

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