Bengaluru Businessman Kills Wife For Refusing to Cook Chicken

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BENGALURU: Unusual and shocking incidents do take place and once again a shocking piece of news has come forward where a man killed his wife when she refused to cook chicken fry for him. Yes, that is exactly what happened.

A 30-year-old Bengaluru businessman was recently arrested after he allegedly beat his wife to death when she refused to cook chicken for him. The accused was recognized as Mubarak Pasha, a resident of Tarabanahalli near Chikkabanavara. The case was brought to Police’s attention after the woman’s family lodged a complaint in which they stated that their daughter has been missing for the past few days.

The family shared that she has been missing since the night of August 18. After the complaint was lodged, the police set out on a hunt for the lady. They investigated the girl and the guy’s side of the family. But Pasha remained out of Police’s radar. This is when they grew more suspicious of him and started digging deeper. But one day, Pasha himself confessed to everything.

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He came to the police station along with his lawyer, and confessed to having killed her and dumped her body in Chikkabanavara lake. Pasha recited the entire incident to the Police and said that he killed his wife over chicken fry. “I asked her to cook chicken fry for me on August 18. When I went back home that night, I saw that there was no chicken. I asked my wife about it and she replied to me angrily. In a fit of rage, I bashed her with a wooden log.

Pasha added that he was flustered but since the kids were asleep by then, it became easier to dispose of her body. He enclosed her body into a bag and went to Chikkabanavara lake on his bike. He then threw the body into the lake. As this happened quite a few days ago, it has become difficult for the Police to recover the body but the search is still on.

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