Capgemini Releases Trailer to Call Employees Back to Offices

 - Sakshi Post

Now that Work from Home is ending for most of the companies, employees are being asked to come back to the office. With most employees vaccinated and Covid cases in control, companies are preferring the workers back at the office but this is obviously not easy for everyone who has been working from their homes for the past many months.

To give the employees some encouragement and enthusiasm to come to work, one particular company, Capgemini came up with a creative idea. They made a music video to give a fun welcome to their employees. Dancing and singing to the tunes of ‘Bella Ciao’ from Money Heist, these people are ready to be back in the office.

As you can see, the video tries to cheer up everyone and lists out reasons for them to be back. The office is where you can meet your colleagues, smile, and work with them. They have taken care of sanitization and other necessities.

“Welcome back, Welcome back, Welcome back,” the company calls their employees back. Everyone in the video is wearing matching hoodies, to show unity. They obviously do not forget the masks while enjoying themselves together.

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