Important Tips You Must Consider If You Are Applying To College This Year

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By Devraj Reddy Bollareddy

As the 12 th CBSE board just conducted its last exam recently, many students have started their summer vacation and along with it, the college application process. For many, the process of applying to colleges is stressful and nerve wracking, but a little bit of planning and forward-thinking can ease the process. From someone that has already gone through this process before, let’s go over some important factors you should consider if you are applying for college this summer.

Make informed decisions:

Make sure that you are doing a lot of research into your college and the course you want enrol yourself in. Do not be light-hearted about this because you will be studying the course you choose right now for the next 3 to 5 years of your life. Talk to people that did the same course that you want to do or talk to people that go to the same colleges you just applied to, make sure that you are getting as much information as possible so that you can make an informed decision.

Plan ahead so that you make the most of your time:

12 th grade gives most students a tough time, students often find themselves in situations where they have to focus on multiple things at the same time and this often leads to a lot of stress. Conduct research on what entrance exams you will have to write beforehand so that you are well prepared and not caught off guard when you suddenly realise that you must write another set of exams alongside your boards. Create a timetable and schedule all the important things on your to-do list so that you have a rough plan that you can stick to in order to ensure that you are on track.

Set your priorities straight: 

As you transition into adulthood, it is important for you to decide what is important in the moment and what is not. If staying with family is a priority, try and apply to colleges close to home and if quality of education is a priority and you want to go abroad, make sure that you have understood and ironed out all the technicalities behind applying to a college in a different country.

Work hard because it will pay off in the long run:

I’m sure many people have already said this to you, but these are crucial years that you will never get back. The hard work you put in right now will set the tone for the rest of your life and do everything to avoid finding yourself in a situation 4 years from now where you regret not putting in hard work right now. Your grades now will dictate which colleges you get into, and your college will determine how easily you can attain your dream job. 

Live in the moment, enjoy the process:

As stressful grade 12 and college applications can be, these are the last few years of your childhood. Make sure you work hard and play hard; it is obviously easier said than done but it is all about finding the right balance. Make sure that along with working really hard, you are also making a lot of memories and having fun in the moment. College usually marks the beginning of adulthood and with it comes to a lot of responsibilities, so make sure that you make the most out of your last few months of being in school.

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