You Can Now Do Facetime Without Having Apple Devices, Check iOS 15 Features

 - Sakshi Post

The tech giant, Apple is all set to launch its iPhone 13 with iOS 15. It is expected that the company will be adding some interesting new features making it the latest major operating system update Worldwide. As we all know that the Apple is likely to launch the product and OS update in September, here are some of the major highlights of iOS 15 expected to roll out for the Apple iPhones, soon.

Face Time Calling: Apple has updated its video calling software in iOS 15 keeping in mind how the Corona pandemic changed our works, education and business to the virtual world. In the upgraded version, the users will have the option of creating FaceTime links to share and invite others to a video chat. Those with the link can join these calls through Google Chrome or Microsoft’s Edge browser even if they do not have an Apple device. The portrait mode present in the iPhone camera can also be used for FaceTime to blur the background. The sound quality of video calls will also feel more natural with the help of spatial audio.

SharePlay: After the Coronavirus pandemic started, Apple has introduced Shareplay, a software that allows users to share movies, music and screen which FaceTiming. This will include watching the same movies and TV shows on the Apple TV+ streaming platform, for example.

Apple Maps: The tech giant has made some significant changes in the Maps enabling the user to view a wide range of elevation data, road colours and driving directions, 3D landmarks and improved night mode. As per the leaked sources, it is known that Apple will also add an augmented reality feature in its map with which one can scan buildings in the nearby area with the help of an iPhone’s camera.

Notifications: An iPhone user will definitely know how irritating it is to declutter the notification bar. So, the company is going to introduce a new feature where users can choose Notification Summary function that will allow them to check unimportant alerts at specific times of the day.

Apple iMessage: iOS 15 will also come with an upgraded iMessage feature where the news articles, pictures or playlists which user shares with a contact will be collated in the ‘Shared with You’ folder. It will make things easier to find later, quite relevant at a time when over-communication is becoming a norm.

After knowing about all the features of the iOS 15, every one of us will be excited to upgrade our iPhones. But, we have to wait till the official information from the company comes out.

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