Big Changes Google is Making to Gmail Layout

 - Sakshi Post

Gmail has a new layout, announced Google. The new Gmail layout, which will be available to explore in February, alters how Google Meet, Google Chat, and Spaces are linked. By the end of Q2 2022, the layout is expected to be the default choice.

The tools like Workspace will not just be at the side of the screen but will have large buttons on the left side. The integrated view, which is what the new Gmail layout is being called, will be available starting February 8. According to the Mountain View, California-based internet giant, users will be able to begin previewing the new layout on February 8.

You will have time to adjust and shift to the new layout. Message pop up will ask you to make the shift but there will still be an option. You will be able to make the changes in the settings, till April but after that, at the end of the second quarter, this layout will become permanent.

Changes can be irritable for some. It is to be seen how the users who have been accustomed to the old layout, react to the new one.

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