Assetmonk’s Unique Online Asset Management Platform enables your Real Estate Investment Safe, Secure and Highly Profitable

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Hyderabad: Assetmonk, a technology-enabled real estate investment platform, is democratizing and simplifying the commercial real estate sector, the largest investment class globally. Founded and run by professionals from technology, financial services, and real estate sectors, the startup from Hyderabad aims to transform how real estate investments are perceived by eradicating major investor problems and making investments in profitable Grade A commercial assets possible for regular investors with a click of a button. Since its inception, it has expanded its asset reach to 3 cities and got investors globally from 15 different geographies coming on board.

Until now, investing in commercial real estate was a complicated and highly expensive matter, making the asset class accessible to only UHNIs and institutional investors. While huge entry costs to acquire the asset demotivated several investors, due diligence and managing the asset was an added hassle as everyday investors lack expertise in this dynamic industry. To safeguard the interest of investors who primarily want to grow their wealth by adding commercial real estate investments to their portfolio in the best way possible, Assetmonk presents itself as a transparent, secured, and convenient online platform that curates high-quality assets for fractional ownership to meet various individual financial goals like capital appreciation and passive income.

Assetmonk follows an 80-point checklist AssetScan to evaluate the viability of the asset on parameters like financial, legal, and title due diligence, valuation, growth prospects, risk exposure and mitigation, tenancy, developer capabilities, and many other factors before bringing an asset to the platform. 

With investment opportunities in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Chennai, Assetmonk has crossed INR 120 crores worth of investment volume through its disruptive platform and aims to attain INR 500 crores by the end of 2022 with more assets under its management. Moreover, going beyond office spaces, the company is expanding its footprint in various new-age real estate asset categories like co-living and warehousing, giving its investors ample options according to their risk appetite. 

Prudhvi Chinta, Co-founder & COO - Assetmonk, said, “We are reinventing the traditional real estate investments with a modern approach. At Assetmonk, we understand every investor is unique and has different investment objectives and whether one is a value investor or passive income seeker, it is our primary responsibility to guide and propose them the best investment options.”

“Depending on the investment objective, one can explore investing opportunity from our wide range of assets, which are capable of outperforming the traditional financial instruments, he further added. 

Assetmonk has successfully won investor confidence from countries like the UK, Canada, UAE, USA, Singapore, and Australia, and further plans to enter the overseas market with its unique offerings to bring value investments for the NRI market 2022 is set to be a milestone year for the company as it will also explore newer geographies like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi. 

As a part of their current portfolio, Assetmonk has investment opportunities starting at INR 10 Lakhs and upwards with high returns and growth prospects. With assured income and IRR determined on a fair-value basis, Assetmonk is one of the fastest-growing investment platforms for modern-day real estate investments with technological backing. (Keeping in mind the investment opportunities that starts at INR 10 Lakhs and also, to make it look investment opportunities more affordable / viable to reporters and the readers, we would recommend to input the cost as 10 Lakhs over 25 Lakhs)

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