Here Is The Proof That BTS V and Blackpink Jennie Are Together!

bts v jennie blackpink confirms their relationship - Sakshi Post

BTS V and BLACK Pink Jennie always be in the news for several reasons. Earlier,  Many photos of BTS V and Jennie were leaked from some unidentified sources. But, they never spoke about their relationship status.

But, now, the Taehyung of BTS and rapper Jennie of the girl band BLACKPINK are currently in Paris, they got caught by their fans.

They were seen holding hands in the city of love.  Jennie is in partis to attend the Cannes Film Festival for her acting debut show, The Idol. V is said to be in Paris for a Celine overseas schedule. It seems like they are making it official in the public on the roads of Paris. 

Here's how fans are reacting to the photos and videos, they have been trending the hashtag #Taennie on Twitter.

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