AP Vande Bharat Express: Selfie Craze Lands Rajahmundry Man In Trouble, Fined For Ticketless Travel

AP Man Stuck On Vande Bharat Express Train While Taking Selfies - Sakshi Post

We have heard of people going to any extent to take selfies, but this man from Rajahmundry not only ended up in trouble but had to shell out money to pay a fine for travelling without a ticket on the newly launched Vande Bharat Express train in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

Vande Bharat Express train, connecting Secunderabad with Visakhapatnam, is the first one connecting the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, covering a distance of around 700 km. The train was virtually launched on January 15 as a Sankranti gif for the Telugu people.

The train had reached Rajahmundry stop and an enthusiastic man who wanted to take selfies in the new train decided to hop onto the train, unmindful about the train doors. As he was taking selfies the automatic doors closed leaving the man stuck in the train. Not quite sure what to do, he tried to ply open the doors, but since they were automatic he could not open them. The Ticket Collector who had come to the bogey that he was in told him that once the guard blows the whistle and the train doors close automatically, one cannot open them again. The TC told him that nothing could be done and that he would have to wait for the Vijayawada station and also levied a fine for travelling without a ticket.

The TC chided the man for trying to take pictures inside the train much to the amusement of others and he was told that he would have to wait for another six hours to get off the train. With no alternative left the embarrassed man paid the fine and waited till Vijayawada station. 

The Video of the man stuck in the train went viral on social media.

The Vande Bharat Express train covers 960 km from Secunderabad to Visakhapatnam in 8 hours 30 minutes. During the journey, it will halt at four stations: Warangal, Khammam, Vijayawada Junction, and Rajahmundry. 

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