YSRCP will solely defeat political opportunists: CM Jagan

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Nuzividu (Eluru Dist), Nov 17: Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy reiterated that YSRCP would alone take on the pack of political wolves that is coming together to loot public money and share the spoils.

Addressing a huge public meeting here on Friday, the Chief Minister asked people to remember the social injustice done by the TDP during its rule in collusion with the band of looters and foster son.

In quite a contrast to Chandrababu Naidu who took every section of the society for a ride with false promises and throwing the election manifesto into the dustbin after coming to power, YSRCP has ushered in social justice by spending major share of DBT and non-DBT welfare funds for the SC, ST, BC and minority communities, he stated.

Out of the Rs. 2,40,000 crore and Rs.1, 70,000crore spent on DBT and non-DBT schemes respectively in the last 53 months, 80 per cent of the benefits accrued to the SC, ST, BC and minorities who have also received the lion’s share in the allotted 30 lakh house sites and the newly created 2.07 lakh permanent Government jobs, he said, adding that it helped in ushering in social justice. 

Coming down heavily on Naidu, he said that the TDP leader became the Chief Minister first time by backstabbing the party founder and his father-in-law NTR, the second time with the support of the BJP in the backdrop of the Kargil War and the third time by making false promises to the people.  
But, in the 2019 elections, the TDP was handed out a humiliating defeat as people had realised about Naidu’s shallow promises, he said, and warned people that the political wolves are coming together again to share the spoils by pursuing the policy of plunder, stash and devour.
The Chief Minister said that the political opponents led by feudalistic Naidu are unable to relish the love shown by the Government towards the weaker sections and have become envious of its popularity.
Despite Naidu along with his band of looters and foster son coming together to fight the elections and spreading lies against the Government,  YSRCP will alone fight the political wolves like a lion in the next elections, he said, asking the people not to be carried away by their false election promises.
YSRCP can take on the opportunistic political alliances very confidently with the courage and blessings bestowed on it by the people, he said.
The Chief Minister called upon the people to become his soldiers and bring victory to the YSRCP in the next elections if they felt they had benefitted from Government welfare schemes.

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