‘All We Imagine as Light’ intimacy co-ordinator Naina Bhan calls Cannes win 'emotional victory’

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Mumbai, May 26 (IANS) Intimacy co-ordinator Naina Bhan is celebrating the historic win of the Payal Kapadia directorial ‘All We Imagine as Light’ at the recently concluded 77th Cannes Film Festival.

‘All We Imagine as Light’ was feted with the ‘Le Grand Prix’ award at the film festival. On Sunday, Naina took to her Instagram and shared a bunch of pictures from the film and behind-the-scenes. She also penned a long note in the caption as she called the film’s win an “emotional victory”.

She wrote: “All We Imagine as Light by Payal Kapadia just won the Jury Prize at the Cannes Grand Prix. This one is an emotional victory. Grateful to be a part of this Indian film that’s made history, as an Intimacy Coordinator. Thanks Divya and Hridu for being so vulnerable and creating absolute magic. Being on set with the team brought me back to why I got into film making in the first place.”

Naina’s work makes for an important aspect of the film’s narrative during the climactic love-making scene. The scene is shot in a Ratnagiri forest with Divya Prabha, playing a Hindu woman whose parents keep sending her marriage proposals from Kerala, and Hridu Hussain, whose character is a young Muslim man working in the hospital where his beloved works as a nurse.

Naina shared that every member of the cast and crew was immersed and in unison to create the gem of a film.

Naina has earlier worked as an intimacy co-ordinator on Ashim Ahluwalia’s streaming series ‘Class’ which was adapted from the Spanish series ‘Elite’.

She further mentioned: “When I studied and certified for Intimacy Coordination after ‘Class’, it was for the purpose of being able to create safe sets and honest Indian portrayals of intimacy. It means so much that Payal and the entire team were keen on getting an IC on board, and gave me so much space and respect to create.”

“Thank you @zicdrop @ohshitharshit for always supporting and thinking of me. Thank you for everything. PS that’s the best photo my friend @tanmaydhanania could get of the rolling credits and I appreciate it,” Naina added.

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