India Has Atom Bombs Too: Owaisi To Imran Khan

India Has Atom Bombs Too: Owaisi To Imran Khan - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: AIMIM president and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi slammed Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan for claiming to use nuclear weapons against India. Owaisi, addressed the gathering at the 61st revival day meeting of AIMIM, on Saturday.

He questioned Imran Khan, “Do you think we lack this facility? Our country also has atom bombs.”

Hyderabad MP took pot shots at Imran Khan for his statements pertaining to the last Moghul emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar and Tipu Sultan as Muslim rulers, who were archrivals of Hindus, Owaisi opined that Tipu Sultan did not treat Hindus as enemies but went for war against those, who planned to take over his kingdom.

Later Owaisi lambasted the extremist organisation Jaish-e-Mohammed (soldiery of Prophet Mohammad) by calling it as Jaish-e-Shayateen (soldiery of devils).

He even called Laskhar-e-Tayyabba as Laskhkar-e-Shayateen (troops of devils).

Hyderabad MP flayed Pakistan government for demanding evidence against LeT chief Hafiz Sayeed, when the United Nations had pointed out his organisations as terror groups.

He suspected that Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi was guarding Hafiz Sayeed instead of arresting him. Owaisi added, “Hafiz Sayeed is not a memoriser of the Quran, but he is manslayer. Islam does not permit the assassination of innocents.”

Owaisi challenged the supporters of jihad for a debate with the theologians in India on the Quranic teachings and the Sharia.

Owaisi put Prime Minister Narendra Modi under scrutiny dubbing Pulwama terror attack as his failure. He said that the Pulwama attack indicates the failure of our intelligence.

Owaisi expressed his suspicions on the attack, “What action has been taken against the persons responsible for that calamity? How many officers were suspended? How did the suicide bomber succeed in carrying 25 kgs of explosives? What were the findings of the bomber’s DNA? From where did he acquire American weapons? Who was providing these arms to terrorists in India,” he questioned, “Why did Modi take 12-13 days to carry out the air strikes against Pakistan?”

Talking on the ‘Mera booth sab se mazboot’ campaign of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Owaisi stated his opinion saying,“meri sarhad mazboot tho mera desh mazboot (My country is strong if my borders are strong).”

He took a jibe at Modi and said BJP should refrain from potraying the sacrifices of the armed forces for electoral gains and the issue of Wing commander Abinandan should not be politicised.

He pointed out that AIMIM was against terrorism and other forces that were trying to harm the sovereignty and integrity of India. “MIM is a party that raises its voice against injustice and atrocities. Our party will continue its struggle for the underprivileged sections without discriminating anyone.”

Replying to the remarks on AIMIM being called a party of Razakars, Owaisi said, “We rejected Muhammad Ali Jinnah's message. Today, in the same Darussalam (AIMIM headquarters) the Tricolor is hoisted on August 15 and January 26. What more proof do you need?”

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