Nasty turn to TTD police-vigilance war

Nasty turn to TTD police-vigilance war - Sakshi Post

The running feud between the local police on the world famous Tirumala Hills and the Vigilance wing of the Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams (TTD) took a nasty turn today with the vigilance sleuths strongly opposing the installation of close-circuit cameras inside their security control room.

The TTD vigilance officials and the local police are at loggerheads ever since the vigilance authorities strongly opposed the senior police officials’ entry to the temple through the Maha Dwaram. During the last Brahmotsavams too, even the Superintendent of the Police of Chittoor district was not allowed the entry to the main temple through Maha Dwaram, which infuriated the local police authorities even more.
Since then, whatever moves the vigilance officials propose, the police are strongly resisting and vice versa. When certain pilgrims were found inside the temple with some prohibitory articles like cameras and one person was even found moving carrying a short weapon recently, both the police and the vigilance officials only tried to passed the buck on each other but no action was initiated against any one of them holding them responsible.
Leaving their dispute at that, the TTD authorities and crores of pilgrims across the globe are now worried about the security of the world renowned Hill Shrine, particularly at a time when the Intelligence officials warned the TTD of a potential threat to the temple.
Certain senior officials of the TTD have made serious attempts to bring both the warring factions onto a common platform to sort out the issue across the table, but could not succeed. The matter was taken even to the notice of the TTD Trust Board Chairman and the Executive officer also, but they too could do little to resolve the dispute.
Today, with the Brahmotsavams are on, the police have installed CC Cameras right inside the control room, in the name of tightening security measures but obviously to monitor the movement of the officials. This is strongly opposed by the vigilance sleuths. What is worrying crores of pilgrims more is the security of the Shrine when large number of pilgrims gather for the celestial event. If urgent measures are not taken to put an end to the feud before it blows out of proportion, the security of the temple will be in peril.
But, given the rift between the Chairman and the EO and the differences widening by the day, can the pilgrims expect a solution to the problem on a war-footing.



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