Movie Review: Mental Madhilo

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Title: Mental Madhilo

Genre: Romantic entertainer

Cast: Sri Vishnu, Nivetha Sethuraj, Sivaji Raja, Renuka

Music: Prashanth Vihari

Director: Vivek Atreya

Producer: Raj Kandukuri

This is producer Raj Kandukuri's next film after super hit award winner Pelli Choopulu. He has come back with a different story to wow family audience. The film has Sri Vishnu, who till now regaled us in supporting roles, has its hero. What more, this film also introduces Vivek Atreya as director. Can Sri Vishnu pull off as a solo hero? Has debutant Vivek come up with sleek family entertainer? Let's see!!

Aravinda Krishna (Sri Vishnu) is always confused and cannot take strong decision. His indecision is at such a level that he cannot even decide what to wear. He also is also wary of women. His parents want to marry him off and it is then that Swechcha (Niveda Sethuraj) enters his life. Both Aravind and Swechcha like each other and slowly but surely, transformation begins in Aravind. It was then that Aravind goes to Mumbai on office work. Suddenly, he calls up Swechcha and calls of engagement. Why did he do that? What happens in Mumbai and whether they come together again? This is the crux of the story.

Sri Vishnu clearly steals the show as a confused youth. In the first half, he looks a typical confused youth and in the second, he shows his range of emotions. Nivetha Sethuraj has great looks and excels in emoting. Renu, who plays the role of a bubbly girl, does very well. Shivaji Raja as father suits to the T.

This is a very entertaining story, told in a nice and engaging manner. Director Vivek Atreya showed that he has great future. Prashanth Vihari churned out lilting melodies and impressive background music. The film is not an out and out commercial movie, but will definitely engage the audience.

Our verdict: Eminently watchable. Full marks to Vivek, Sri Vishnu, Nivetha and Raj Kandukuri.

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