MLC Nannapaneni Rajakumari falls down as TDP, TRS spar

MLC Nannapaneni Rajakumari falls down as TDP, TRS spar - Sakshi Post

The Assembly, since the introduction of Telangana Bill, is increasingly resembling a market place. Yet another rift broke out between TRS MLCs and TDP MLCs on Monday and in the ensuing commotion, TDP MLC Nannapaneni Rajakumari fell down.

It all started when the TDP MLCs started tearing the Telangana Bill which was tabled in Andhra assembly, Monday morning. Soon after, Seemandhra MLCs opposing the division, also came out of the house and tore copies of the bill at the media point.
When TDP MLC Satish Reddy tried tearing the bill, TRS MLC K Swamy Goud stopped and pushed him. During the melee, Swamy Goud pushed Satish Reddy , who in turn, unknowingly pushed Nannnapaneni, standing behind him. She fell down, and had to helped up by couple of her colleagues.
Nannapaneni used the incident for hitting out at the Telangana leaders and pointed out that there is no security for Seemaandhra women in Telangana. She questioned that if the situation is like this how will it be after the bifurcation. Nannapaneni demanded the arrest of the TRS MLC  and added that police, present during the incident, were only supporting Telangana leaders. She later lodged a complaint with the council chairman.
On the other hand, Swamy Goud maintained that the push was not intentional and that he was only trying to stop Satish Reddy from tearing the bill.


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