Hi-Tech Route to Rape and Chain Snatching

Hi-Tech Route to Rape and Chain Snatching - Sakshi Post

Kurnool: In the end he turned out to be a petty chain snatcher but his modus operandi has attracted the attention of the police.

The accused A Rajkumar, a native of Pagidyala in the district is a degree passout. He joined an RMP doctor as an assistant and later started his own practise in Dornipadu. During this practise he met with an accident and was bedridden.

To pass time, he opened a facebook and got hooked to it. Then began his modus operandi to upload his own photos with wig to cover his bald head and use fancy quotations to attract young girls. Then he would invite them to hotel room in the promise of providing jobs in his hospital and subdue them. Later, he would blackmail them with the nude photographs that he had taken. This forced them to part with their gold ornaments to buy his silence.
Following complaints from two victims, from Secunderabad and Guntur, police laid a trap for him using his own medicine of Facebook. They recovered 10 tolas of gold, a car and cellphones from his possession.

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