TDP Bigwigs Including CM, Lokesh in 25000-acre Amaravati Land Scam

TDP Bigwigs Including CM, Lokesh in 25000-acre Amaravati Land Scam - Sakshi Post

* Chandrababu's camp office belongs to Lingamaneni, a major beneficiary

In a major scoop, Sakshi Telugu daily has revealed that a close cabal of Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu have unveiled a humungous land scam around the proposed Capital city of Amaravati. Investigation by Sakshi show that Chandrababu's acolytes, ministerial colleagues and even relatives have purchased lands around the capital area much in advance and the land-pooling and land acquisition have stopped close to their lands.
As a result, the value of these chunks of land has soared phenomenally and these lands have become the closest pieces of realty around the capital city. Among the beneficiaries are son Lokesh, brother-in-law Balakrishna's relatives, realtor Lingamaneni Ramesh, ministers Prathipati Pulla Rao, Ravela Kishore Babu, Union Minister Sujana Chowdary and MP Muralimohan.
The AP government acquired over 25000 acres from 29 capital area villages at throwaway prices. The government used all the tricks in the trade - from coercion to cajoling - to take away the lands. But, the lands of the biggies, a large chunk of which comprises usurped assigned lands, have been left completely untouched. As the lands closest to the capital city, their value has gone up many fold.


Miniters' benamis rule the roost
For instance, the land purchased by Gummadi Naresh, an alleged proxy for minister Prattipati Pulla Rao, purchased 196 acres and paid just Rs 39 crore. The current value of the land in their possession is Rs 784 crore. He reportedly purchased lands with local sarpanches an key leaders acting as his proxies.
Another minister Ravela Kishore Babu purchased lands in the name of his wife Ravela Santhi Jyothi. He purchased 55 acres at a cost of Rs 5.5 crore and the current value of the land is around Rs 82 crore. Similarly, through his benamis - Sri Kalinga Greettech Chemicals and Sivaramakrishna, Union Minister Sujana Chowdary acquired 700 acres paying just Rs 35 crore. The current value of the same swathe is more than Rs 700 crore. Ditto with Nara Lokesh. Lands have been purchased in the name of Vemuri Ravikumar, who made arrangements for Chandrababu's US tour before 2014. He was rewarded with the post of CM's advisor. He purchased 500 acres at Rs 50 crore and the present value is a whopping Rs 650 crore. MP and realtor Muralimohan purchased lands in Kunchanapalli, which is quite close to the core capital area. He even secured permission post haste for constructing a 14-storeyed building to house star hotels, shopping malls and convention centre . The land which Muralimohan reportedly purchased for Rs 16 crore now costs around Rs 212 crore.


Narayana owns over 3000 acres
Balakrishna's son in law MSP Rama Rao owns 498 acres of land in Jayanthipuram of Jaggaiahpet mandal. Towering above all is Lingamaneni Ramesh, the realtor. He is considered close to Chandrababu and has reportedly provided a private plane for Chandrababu's family on their foreign jaunt after he won the 2014 polls. Chandrababu's Vijayawada camp office is owned by Lingamaneni. Lingamaneni Ramesh has over 632 acres of land in his kitty from several villages like Kanteru, Tadikonda and Kaza in Mangalagiri area. Minister Narayana, who is monitoring the capital city land pooling, owns a staggering 3129 acres in the area.


Crumbs for minnows, cream for biggies
Interestingly, the lands owned by these biggies have been bracketed in commercial zone, while th eland owned by the farmers are in green zone. Already several farmers in Krishna district are on warpath over their lands being rendered worthless due to their bracketing in green zone. The difference in land price is startling. while the land owned by VIP benamis is around Rs 4 crore per acre, the land owned by farmers is selling at a mere Rs 20 lakh per acre.

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