Top 25 Business Ideas In India To Try In 2020

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By Harish Chandra Mourya

With the advancement in generations, an increased urge to own your own business has been observed amongst youngsters. If you are one of them, then this article will be helpful as we discuss on the trending business ideas in India for 2020. If you are into a startup, look out for an opportunity that calls for less investment and high profit.

Top 25 business ideas in India for 2020:

Check out the top 25 ideas in business and see which on suits you the best.

Digital Marketer:

Do you have knowledge in the concept of digital marketing? If yes, being a digital marketer can help you earn lot against your service. Every business is going online. They will require intervention from digital marketers to maintain their SERP.

Tiffin Service:

Though not a new concept, this is a successful one, especially with women entrepreneurs. Office workers miss out on homemade meals in the rush of reaching office on time. Hardly people get time to cook at home.

Papad, Jams, sauces and pickles:

This is again something for women mostly. Bring out the age old, partially forgotten skills ofmaking jams, papad, sauces and pickles. Not everyone knows the art of making these small yet delicate food items. These are lip-smacking ways of indulging in a business.

France, candles and incense sticks:

This is a business opportunity for creative people. People like to visit spas and also maintain serene environment at their homes. The demand for fragrant candles and incense sticks are always high because of this. If you can infuse the perfect fragrance for a calming environment in candles, this is your chance.

Pet care services:

If you are not scared of animals, if you are compassionate, you can think of opening up a pet care center. Give these fur babies the love they deserve while their owners are away, you will surely get many takers. Now days pet owners value the condition their pets are kept in while they are away.


If you are skilled with the art of perfect baking, then opening up your own bakery is a good way to earn. The demand for good customized cakes and bread is ever increasing for parties and even for their regular consumption.

Ice business:

Ice cubes are appreciated industrially for parties and in the common food market. If you manage a certificate from FSSAI, this is a promising profit earning business for you.


In 2020 online business are picking up better than any retail. If you are into creative writing and have some topic to influence people, try your own blog. Blogging is almost nil investment and high return once you start getting followers. I also started my blog name startupopinions in 2018 with the investment of $500-$600. Now blog giving me $800-$1200 per month.

App Cab:

Do you own a car of your own? Can you drive? Join the app cab business. This earns profit in the cities.

Ethnic restaurant:

Ethnic food and local delicacies keep the name of place running. If you know the traditional food and how to cook them, you can expect high turnover from ethnic cuisine restaurant as compared to any multicuisine option.

Local travel guide:

This is for people who know their history and city well. Being a local guide and showing people around the city is a slow but good earner.

Event Management:

In India, every event is celebrated in huge scale. If you master in combining all event services like catering decorating and party planning, this is big business opportunity.

Photography Service:

A person with photographic skill, it can help you earn profit. Photography can be sold online or even you can start your business with photos session in events.

Organic farming:

Now days people prefer organic food over chemically farmed items likes vegetables. Organic farming is surely a great way to earn profit.

Breakfast cart:

Giving a breakfast cart near offices is a great way to start a business. Office going individual often miss out on their breakfast to be on time at office. But they visit stores near offices where they can have a decent breakfast. If you are good at cooking, then this is promising.

Handicraft business:

This is a business to honor art, culture and heritage. People honor eco-friendly artwork for their living room and even for furniture.

Beauty and skin treatment:

Maintaining skin and slow aging process is something people appreciate. If you know treatments that can solve these issues, your business growth is expected to be high.

Travel consultant:

People might book travel services online, but they approach travel consultant for advice on itineraries, destination etc. Knowledge on destination will help you grow business.

Car repair:

Car repairing services are surely needed by people on daily basis, owing to the huge number of automobiles running around us. To start this business, you need repairing skills and a garage to keep cars.

Social media marketing:

Brands value their social media presence. Knowing the techniques of social media marketing can help you assure these brands of significant position in the online forum. You can earn as a freelancer then.


A type of ecommerce where you only spend when you have supply orders in hand. So, no investment unless profit is guaranteed.

Mobile, laptop and electronic repair:

Our lives are dependent on electronics. Being electronic they are likely to breakdown at times. Knowing the repairing technique will earn you customers.

Stationery stores:

Invest only on stationery items, a store near office areas. Stationery business is a business development process.

Grocery Stores:

Groceries are essential items. Recession is never going to hit this business. What can be more promising than this?

Gift shop:

People gift show-piece items on occasions to friends and families. Owing to huge events happening around us, opening a gift store seems ideal business plan.

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