Cop tries to molest housewife, gets suspended

Cop tries to molest housewife, gets suspended - Sakshi Post

The police higher-ups suspended sub-inspector of police of Bukkarayasamudram in Anantapur for attempting to rape a woman.

According to the police, SI Ragiri Ramaiah lives in a rented house in Bukkarayasamudram. He eyed a housewife, who lived alone nearby as her husband was away in another place for a job. Four days ago, he knocked the housewife’s door saying she got a phone call from her husband. As the unsuspecting woman opened the door, he tried to molest her.
She raised an alarm, due to which the neighbours woke up and caught the police with his pants down. DIG Balakrishna ordered an inquiry into the incident and based on the probe report, he suspended Ramaiah on Thursday night.

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