YV  SubbaReddy Puts Chandrababu Through Scrutiny

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YSRCP leader YV Subba Reddy hit out at Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu over his Deeksha near Jantar Mantar in New Delhi.

He said, Chandrababu is going to conduct a Dharma Porata Deeksha in New Delhi on 11 February and for that, he is ferrying TDP leaders from the districts of Srikakulam and Anantapur in special trains. YV revealed that a special GO has been released on 6 February granting Rs 1,12,00,000 and on the next day for Rs 10,00,000.

YV Subba Reddy questions his intentions with such Deekshas saying that it is the same Chandrababu, who felicitated BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu for granting special package to AP instead of Special Category Status(SCS).

YSRCP leader lambasted Chandrababu over his comments stating that SCS is not life-saving and yet Chandrababu has ordered NGOs, employees and other parties to participate in the New Delhi Deeksha.

YV Reddy pointed out that the AP CM has put people who demanded of SCS in jails, and now he has taken a U-turn on the issue and is claiming to fight for it. He reminded that Chandrababu has been to Delhi many times in the past four years and has met Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well. Chandrababu has always asked for an increase in the number of Assembly seats and an increase in the number of Union Ministers, never did he push for SCS or railway zone for Visakhapatnam at the Union government.

YSRCP leader exhorted that Chandrababu has started a new drama under Dharma Poratam and is misusing public funds which could lead to bankruptcy. He added that Chandrababu has been corrupting the system with his wrong policies. YV Reddy stated that the leader of opposition Andhra Assembly and YSR Congress chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has always believed in SCS for AP and has fought for it since.

Former MP remarked that the AP government is debt-ridden and Chandrababu is further draining the exchequer. For instance, the AP government has to pay Rs 2,000 crore to National Thermal Power Corporation. They have issued notice on 3 Feb to pay the pending dues as well. NTPC has even issued a reminder over the payment of the state and even warned of halting services.

Chandrababu has issued a notification for government bonds to raise the sum for which, in the second phase, another Rs 3,000 crore is being raised, but the burden is later transferred to people of AP. Why should people suffer for what Chandrababu has done, he questions.

YV Reddy observed that Chandrababu is spending crores of rupees on welfare schemes like Pasupu- Kunkuma, Dharma Porata Deeksha and other such TDP activities.

Former Ongle MP opened up about the power sector situation in the state saying that under Chandrababu's reign the prices of unit power have been revised three times and the seven hours power supply to the farm sector has only been a distant dream.

YSRCP leader revealed that Chandrababu is purchasing the power from two of his supporters’ plants at Rs 4 and Rs 6. Both of the plants belong to TDP leaders, this way Chandrababu is looting the people and giving the money to the TDP leaders. YV Reddy added that AP has already been in debts amounting to Rs 3,00,000 crore and another Rs 40,000 crore is being raised in the form of bonds for the capital Amaravati.

Former MP said that on one hand, Chandrababu has been driving AP further into debts and on the other, he has been granting money to his supporting contractors even without proper bills. He does all this for commissions, he pointed out. YRCP leader YV Reddy predicted that people of AP are going to support YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in the upcoming elections and will teach a lesson to Chandrababu.

Later responding to the questions posed by the media he answered that Chandrababu is known for ferrying people around for things like the Deeksha in Delhi. In one instance Chandrababu ferried people to the Polavaram project in APSRTC buses.

YV Reddy revealed that the costs incurred in the YSRCP activities are borne by the leaders. Why should he spend public money on TDP activities? He reminded that only if Congress had included SCS in the bifurcation act, people of AP would not be in such a miserable condition. However, they are now claiming to declare SCS for AP.

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