A web site with many uses

A web site with many uses - Sakshi Post

It's now possible to have live group chats, meetings, video conferences with friends, business associates, co-workers and others thanks to a new web-site www.meetings.io, which has taken the idea of video conferencing and chatting to a new level.

All that users at both or several ends need to do is create accounts. The rest is a matter of one's preferences and needs. The web-site also has chat rooms if one wants to make friends online and (video) chat with them. One can even schedule video chatting.
Note-pad, screen sharing, live chat and file sharing are among some of the features on this site that have tremendous appeal and usefulness. Also, the site has some interesting features for budding web developers and designers—it leads them by the hand when it comes to the process of designing and building a web-site. For instance, it'll teach you how to condense sites tailored to fit a desk-top on to a mobile phone. It gives the users tutorials for developing galleries using HTML 5. Touchscreen, smartphone and interface are among some of the other aspects of meetings.io worth a serious visit by any user. For those who are interested http://www.juicebox.net teaches them ways of developing mobile-friendly images.
The site also creates online quizzes and mock tests which would be interest to avid quizzers and quizmasters alike. This is done through https://quizslides.com where questions related to quizzes and answers in power-point and pdf formats can be uploaded. The site then turn the questions and answers into a quiz format along with the relevant images. This is the case with mock-tests, as well.The online quiz or test gives negative marks and puts out the results immediately. This is as user-friendly as a web-site of this nature can aspire to be!



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