India Joins 61 Nations To Seek Probe Into WHO’s Coronavirus Response

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GENEVA: India joined with 62 nations that have moved a proposal at the World Health Assembly for an impartial, independent, and comprehensive probe into the coronavirus crisis, besides an inquiry into the actions of the World Health Organization (WHO) and their timelines pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The proposal is a part of seven-page draft resolution moved by 62 countries. The draft report reads as, "Initiate, at the earliest appropriate moment, and in consultation with the Member States a stepwise process of impartial, independent and comprehensive evaluation, including using existing Mechanisms, as appropriate, to review experience gained and lessons learned from the WHO-coordinated international health response to COVID-19."

Australia was the first nation to ask for an inquiry into how the coronavirus pandemic began. Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne said, "This is about collaborating to equip the international community to better prevent or counter the next pandemic and keep our citizens safe." The other countries who backed this resolution are UK, Russia, France, Japan, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.

On Sunday, Chinese ambassador to India, Sun Weidong tweeted: “As neighbours, friends & partners, China & India share the same feelings & face the common task at this difficult time. On the 70th anniversary of our diplomatic ties, we must win this battle against COVID19 together & build a community with a shared future for mankind.”

Earlier, Chinese embassy spokesperson Ji Rong had tweeted: “Wuhan city in China first reported COVID19 cases, but that does not mean the virus originated in Wuhan. WHO has specific rules on how to name the virus. It is irresponsible to connect the virus with Wuhan and stigmatize China.”

Earlier, the US alleged that the WHO failed to deliver the correct information on COVID-19 response to the countries. The US government has launched a probe into the role of WHO on coronavirus and temporarily suspended the US's financial assistance to it.

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