Theatres to screen short films on importance of wearing Helmet

Theatres to screen short films on importance of wearing Helmet - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Cases of rash driving and the rise in number of accidents of two-wheeler's is nothing new to the city.The reckless driving proves deadly not just for the drivers but also for the pedestrians. According to the recent statistics 78.38% deaths have been registered in the twin cities which includes pedestrians and two-wheeler drivers.
To curb this menace the authorities have initiated several programmes and even awareness drive on the importance of wearing helmet.  On the directive of  Hyderabad High Court ,Transport Department launched a Helmet Drive Awareness programme on Septmeber 8. The whole aim was to make the drivers to wear the helmet. 
But all the efforts seem to be in vain. To emphasize more seriously, the authorities have try to reach the masses in an innovative style. The authorities have targeted cinema theatres. The officials have come up with streak of short films with a message of wearing helmet and on road safety  measures.
Road Transport Authority took up the issue with information commission and very soon Hyderabad Theatres will screen short films to drive the message in depth to the masses. The officials have stated that  though several awareness drive programmes have been done, yet 90 percent of the two-wheeler riders drive without helmets. 
Though they are even ready to pay a meager fine but are not ready to change their habit, an official said.
The cases have drastically risen with a record of 1.20 lakhs cases being registered and 520 vehicles being detained.  Founder of India Safedrive,NGO, Dheerendra Samineni said "Since the fine amount does not pinch them, enforcement methods should include wasting a violator's time. Things like making them stand with a placard, on the spot detention and inescapable awareness drives will work."
"Although helmet is for the benefit of the driver, most people feel as if it is a burden and an unnecessary hassle being imposed on them. To raise the awareness levels among road users, we are now asking the information commissioner to direct cinema theatres to screen short films on road safety," said B Venkateshwarlu, joint transport commissioner.

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