Infighting In Mahakutami Ahead Of Telangana Poll Battle

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Hyderabad: The Congress-led grand alliance is facing infighting with  the elections around the corner. Although the alliance partners call it a friendly contest in places where it had fielded multiple candidates, the fight seems to be tough in certain constituencies.

The Congress has fielded its candidates in few constituencies allocated to the Telangana Telugu Desam and the Telangana Jana Samithi, while the TJS has also fielded candidates in constituencies allotted to the Congress and TDP.

Of all the 119 constituencies in Telangana, the TDP bagged fourteen seats, while TJS was allotted eight seats and the CPI three. The remaining 94 seats were reserved by the Congress party to field its candidates. The Congress, however, is contesting in 100 Assembly constituencies, six more than agreed to with the allies. The TJS is contesting in about 13 Assembly constituencies, exceeding its tally by five constituencies.

The main purpose of this alliance was not to split the anti-TRS vote. However, with the seat-sharing exercise the agenda is in question. The Ibrahimpatnam Assembly seat was allotted to the TDP and  Sama Rangareddy has been declared its candidate. Later, the Congress has nominated former MLA Malreddy Rangareddy as their Ibrahimpatnam candidate. The Dubbaka assembly seat was allotted to the TJS, with Rajkumar as its candidate. But the Congress also gave the B form to M. Nageswara Reddy from Dubbaka.

Out of 14 seats allocated to TDP, to contest, B-forms have been issued to 13 candidates. The TDP is yet to decide on one seat, that is between Patancheru and Huzurabad. But, the Congress has announced its candidates from both these constituencies. Koushik Reddy was given the B-form as Huzurabad candidate and Kata Srinivas Goud was given the B-form as its Patancheru candidate.

The Mahakutami allotted Warangal East assembly seat to the TJS, which has given the B-form to G. Innaiah and the Congress has given the B-form to Gayatri Ravi.

The Miryalaguda assembly seat was allotted to the TJS, which gave the B-form to Vidyadhar Reddy. To everyone’s surprise Congress gave the ticket to former MLA R. Krishnaiah for the same seat.

The Mahabubnagar assembly seat was allotted to the TDP, which fielded former MLA Erra Sekhar, who has filed the nomination. But the TJS has fielded Rajendar Reddy as its candidate from this constituency. The TJS is also planning to field candidates in Asifabad and Station Ghanpur against Congress candidates.

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