Breast cancer

 - Sakshi Post
Jan 31, 2023
Panaji: Breast cancer screening of 50,000 women across Goa has been successfully completed under the ‘Swasth Mahila, Swasth Goa’ initiative, an innovation-led public health initiative of cricketer...
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Nov 17, 2022
Balaji Institute of Oncology (BIO) to come up as state-of-the-art Cancer Centre which will provide high end solutions in the field of genomics, personalized care and targeted therapies
Apollo Cancer Centre launches "ArtCan" to bring awareness aboutBreast Cancer  - Sakshi Post
Oct 31, 2022
Apollo Cancer Centres (ACC) launched – ArtCan, the Self-Breast Examination Steps via Kerala Mural Art. A unique initiative by Apollo Cancer Centres, (ArtCan) uses art as a medium to spread cancer...
Women Who Smoke Are More Liable To Develop  Breast Cancer - Sakshi Post
Jul 06, 2022
“Women who smoke are more liable to develop breast cancer, recurrence chances are more and more likely to die from breast cancer compared to non-smokers.”
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Oct 23, 2021
Hyderabad: Continuing with its commitment to create awareness among public about breast cancer and fight the dreaded disease and as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) Kamineni Hospitals...
Breast Cancer Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment - Sakshi Post
Oct 14, 2021
By Dr. Amitesh Anand
Oct 06, 2021
Yoga keeps you physically and mentally fit to help you manage stress, anxiety, and depression, especially when you are living with a disease like breast cancer. With yoga you can develop a more...
Inset :Prototype  brassiere cup fitted with a mobile app to detect breast cancer. - Sakshi Post
Oct 23, 2018
A device made of a brassiere cup fitted with a mobile app, developed by a Mexican student for the timely detection of breast cancer in women under 40.
A treatment regime combining immunotherapy and chemotherapy can help tune the body’s immune system to attack an aggressive type of breast cancer - Sakshi Post
Oct 21, 2018
Immunotherapy Plus Chemo Extends Life Of Breast Cancer Patients 
Representational Image - Sakshi Post
Jul 01, 2018
NIPER-Hyderabad Scientists Claim Neem Compound May Cure Breast Cancer
Representational Image   - Sakshi Post
Jun 04, 2018
Most women with the most common form of early-stage breast cancer can safely skip chemotherapy without hurting their chances of beating the disease, doctors are reporting from a landmark study that...
Breast Cancer Survivors More Likely To Face Heart Failure - Sakshi Post
Mar 04, 2018
Breast Cancer Survivors More Likely To Face Heart Failure
Asparagine is an amino acid -- the building blocks that cells use to make proteins. - Sakshi Post
Feb 09, 2018
Asparagine is an amino acid -- the building blocks that cells use to make proteins.
Representational Image  - Sakshi Post
Feb 03, 2018
The recent survey on the Cancer deaths in India revealed that breast, cervical and stomach cancers are the major cause of cancer deaths among women in India.
Representational Image  - Sakshi Post
Jan 23, 2018
Screening all women over 30 years age for breast and ovarian cancer gene mutations can be cost effective and could also prevent more of these cancers than just screening
Breast And Ovarian Cancer Patients - Sakshi Post
Nov 04, 2017
Genomics and genetic analysis are the most effective ways to manage cancer, not only in India but also across the globe.
Risk of breast cancer - Sakshi Post
Nov 02, 2017
Women with a history of infertility have a 10 per cent increased risk of dying due to breast cancer and diabetes compared to women without fertility issues, finds a new study.
llumina 360, a robot-assisted breast cancer early warning system,  can help in early detection of tumours through thermal imaging. - Sakshi Post
Oct 31, 2017
Cura Healthcare has got a US patent on hand for its Illumina 360. 
The new study presents promising results on the potential positive effects of the fruit to prevent or treat breast cancer - Sakshi Post
Apr 20, 2017
Strawberries May Help Fight Breast Cancer: Study
Oct 26, 2016
Oct 23, 2016
Pink ribbon rally in Vijayawada
According to a new study, women with breast cancer who breastfeed for more than six months have a better survival rate. - Sakshi Post
Sep 01, 2016
Breastfeeding Ups Chances of Surviving Breast Cancer
Indian-Origin Boy Devises Breast Cancer Treatment   - Sakshi Post
Aug 28, 2016
A 16-year-old Indian-origin boy in the UK has claimed to have found a treatment for the most deadly form of breast cancer which is unresponsive to drugs
Sleep Hormone May Suppress Breast Cancer Growth - Sakshi Post
Aug 25, 2016
A  link between lack of sleep and increased risk of breast cancer, a new study has found that melatonin, a hormone produced in the human brain at night to regulate sleep cycles, appears to suppress...
Brisk Walking - Sakshi Post
Jul 09, 2016
Brisk walking benefits for breast cancer survivors
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