Now, Azad says no to Rayala Telangana Proposal

Now, Azad says no to Rayala Telangana Proposal - Sakshi Post

Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare Ghulam Nabi Azad, member of GoM, reportedly told other members to forget Rayala Telangana for the time being and stick to Congress Working Committee’s decision of creating Telangana state with 10 districts, with Hyderabad as the joint capital.

Azad skipped GoM meeting on Wednesday as he had to attend an official progamme in Kolkata. According to reports, Azad instructed the GoM to put the Rayala Telangana proposal on hold and continue to with CWC decision.
According to reports, he is believed to have told the GoM to consider Rayala Telangana proposal only after taking the State Assembly's opinion, otherwise new problems would emerge. 
It is also learnt that GoM left the Rayala Telangana decision to the Central cabinet.


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