Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Melodrama Takes Over The House!

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The new episode of Telugu Bigg Boss Show has become a theatre for melodrama with each one of the individuals trying to over-react to the situations in their own way. While Divi looked comfortable after getting "kidnapped", her fellow group members started hyper reacting to the situation. 

Even though it is instructed to the house member that they should follow the rules, shouldn't give threats to each other, some members went overboard to state their point. 

It seemed liked everyone wanted to make an impression on audiences but they did not know how. Hence, they started hyper reacting to everything. This might give them footage but won't get audiences support in their favour. 

We are not saying this on our own. Social media reactions about the way few contestants like Noel Sean, Mehboob have reacted, made everyone react and comment about it. 

Abhijit and his team seem to have decided to give respect to Divi's comfort zone and then decided to play the game. But her team members seem to have just hyperventilated through out the situation giving rise to more melodrama than ever. 

The episode made an impression on audiences for sure and these kind of episodes will help the show to attain and retain viewers as the viewers get to choose their favorites and pick sides. 

However, some contestants should understand that this is all a game and TV show. Nobody wants to hurt others but in a game, there can be only winner. Hence, you need to play it fair at the same time, should have guts to play it in their own style too. 

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