Will Question The Wrong Policies: KCR To Centre

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Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said he was on a mission to set things right in the country even if it took him to shed his blood. Rao, who has been criticising the BJP party and BJP-led central government over a few months for it’s alleged anti-people policies, is trying to stitch together a third front of like-minded political parties before the 2024 General Elections. 

After inaugurating the Mallanna Sagar reservoir in Siddipet district on Wednesday, KCR while addressing a public meeting made an oblique reference to the ongoing Hijab issue in Karnataka and said some of his friends told him their daughters who were studying in Bengaluru were afraid to join the classes in the present situation. 

According to the official sources, the Mallanna Sagar reservoir has a storage capacity of 50 TMC water and the Mallanna Sagar project would help irrigate about 20 lakh acres. 

While noting that Hyderabad is rapidly developing, he said upto 580 flights land every day at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. Urging the central government to ensure unhindered growth in Telangana, the Chief Minister said all States in the country can only progress when the Centre follows ‘dharma.’ He remarked sowing discord between communities would result in chaos which will have an adverse impact on the economic growth and investment climate in the country. He said he would continue to question the wicked policies of the government as this is not good for the country.

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