Sudha Car Museum Displays Ayodhya Ram Mandir-shaped Car

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Hyderabad: A remarkable fusion of technology and art, the Sudha Car Museum in Hyderabad has unveiled a unique creation – a mobile model of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir mounted on a car. Sudhakar Yadav, the mind behind this artistic endeavour, describes it as a moving spectacle, blending technology and artistic expression to bring the essence of devotion to people’s doorsteps.

Sudhakar Yadav, the owner of Sudha Car Museum, is renowned for crafting unconventional designs and holds a Guinness Record for the most wacky cars. Having previously created cars for various causes and occasions, including a cricket bat and ball-shaped car to support the Indian cricket team and a Christmas tree-shaped car, Yadav decided to embark on this project to commemorate the construction of the Ram Janmabhoomi Mandir after 500 years.

Speaking about the Ayodhya Ram Mandir model car, Sudhakar Yadav said, “I’ve been planning and working on this project for the past two years, and about 21 people worked on this project. This is a mobile van, and it will be displayed at the Numaish Exhibition from the 19th of this month until 15th February. Afterward, we plan to take it to villages. The idea is to bring Ayodhya to people who cannot visit the holy place themselves.”

The vehicle is built on a Matador 307 chassis, with dimensions of 20 feet in length, 14 feet in width, and 26 feet in height. It has a metal structure covered with fibreglass, equipped with a built-in lighting system and sound system. Sudhakar Yadav expressed his joy in completing the project and highlighted the collaboration with skilled Muslim workers, emphasising the unity in craftsmanship.

Ahmed, the Chief Craftsman involved in creating the Ayodhya Ram Mandir model car, shared insights into the process, stating, “We have built this on a tempo vehicle, and the entire structure is made of MS, while the design is made of fibre. Twenty people have been working on this for two years.”

This extraordinary creation serves as a mobile symbol of devotion and craftsmanship, bringing the spirit of Ayodhya to diverse communities. The display at the Numaish Exhibition marks the beginning of its journey to reach more audiences in the coming months.

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