KPHB Police File Cases Against Moosapet GHMC Officials As Per Court Orders

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HYDERABAD: For the first time after the formation of Telangana, State Court found fault and ordered cases to be foisted against GHMC officials working in the Moosapet Circle for illegally occupying and building a wall on a land belonging to a citizen. KPHB police have registered cases against the GHMC officers as per orders by the court to take action against them.

As per reports a person named Ashok Reddy bought a house in MIG’ Block 29/3 in the third phase in KPHB Colony a few years ago. However, GHMC officials issued notices to him as the house was in a dilapidated condition. With this, Ashok Reddy demolished the house and to build a new house raised pillars and slab.

However GHMC officials who intervened in the matter demolished the pillars built up to the slab area without issuing notice .  When he questioned the authorities, they in turn filed a case against Ashok Reddy and abused him. In addition, the Moosapet Circle GHMC authorities, along with their staff, erected a wall stating that the land was in an open area. The victim was not even given the least information in that regard.

There are allegations that these officials, under pressure from some public representatives, allegedly planned to illegally occupy the site and erected a wall. On top of that, they were said to be harassing locals by filing cases against them stating that they were obstructing their duties, in a bid to keep them quiet.

The victims then approached the court.  They questioned as to how could the then government give permission to such a large layout.   They brought to the court's notice that  the authorities ignored the fact that the house should have a 30-foot road as per the layout. In addition, documents submitted by the owners of the land they had previously purchased, copies of permission, official lay-out, etc. were also submitted to the court.They said that the officials in a vindictive manner built a wall in their land.

In response, the Court directed the Moosapet Circle GHMC DC to register cases against DC Prashanti, Assistant City Town Planner Sridhar, Town Planning Supervisor Rajeshwari and other staff under various sections.

Based on the court orders, KPHB police have registered criminal cases against the officers under Sections 447, 341, 352, 323, 427, 120b, under FIR No: 83/2021 for criminal trespass, wrongful restraint, causing damage and loss to property. 

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