Atmos Systems Introduces A42N, The Next Generation Of Warehouse Robotics

 - Sakshi Post

Atmos Systems, a leading name enabling widespread warehouse automation, has introduced Atmos A42N – an autonomous case handling robotic (ACR) system that can significantly enhance both the inbound and outbound efficiency of a warehouse. Following thorough research and development, the A42N robots come with an increased load capacity of 150 kg and are engineered to support cases of various sizes and material. The system is loaded with easy-to-use features, thereby providing higher flexibility for warehouse location.

Speaking about the innovative product, Atmos Systems co-founders Khursheed Alam and Faraz Alam said, “The idea behind the development of Atmos A42N is to boost the storage density of a warehouse by at least 80-130%. It connects with the warehouse’s business management systems, it supports both operations and analytics. Also, as it is based on reinforcement learning and deep learning, it ensures optimized scheduling of multiple robots along while ensuring real-time monitoring and pre-alert malfunction.”

The autonomous case handling robotic system boasts of an increased height of 6.5 metres, with higher robots supporting higher shelving. Besides, there’s a robust battery to ensure non-stop usage for at least five hours following complete charging for just 1.5 hours. It is essentially a combination of Automated Storage & Retrieval and Automated Guided Vehicles Systems. While as many as eight packages can be carried and stored by it on dedicated shelves, it alleviates the need of any human intervention during the whole process. The long towering structures with multiple slots to segregate, pick, keep and move the goods as per requirement is a must have for all warehouses.

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