Will India Visit Pakistan For ICC Champions Trophy 2025?

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With Pakistan securing the hosting rights for the ICC Champions Trophy 2025, fans are wondering whether India will travel to Pakistan to compete in the tournament.

India last toured Pakistan in 2005-06, and the two teams have participated in fewer bilateral series since then. Due to political and border concerns between the two countries, cricket matches are now halted. The two countries have continued to compete in ICC competitions.

With Pakistan hosting an ICC event in which all Test-playing teams must compete, it will be exciting to see what the BCCI and the government of India will say.

Anurag Thakur, Sports Minister, said that the decision would be made when the time comes. He said that security issues must be addressed before travelling to Pakistan.

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He stated, "Many countries have previously declined to play in Pakistan because of security concerns. As you are all aware, several gamers have been attacked while playing over there, which is a major issue that must be addressed.

Sourav Ganguly, president of the BCCI, has already stated that the decision to travel to Pakistan is in the hands of the Indian government.

As teams are under a lot of pressure, PCB chief Raja believes it will be difficult for India to opt-out of the huge tournament.

In an online interview with Pakistani media, he stated, "Bilateral series appear to be very challenging, but tri-nation is still conceivable." Pulling out of international competitions is more difficult since you are under a lot of pressure. All of this is agreed upon in advance when countries are granted hosting rights for major events. I don't believe India will withdraw from the Asia Cup.

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