Rakul's plan B was MBA in fashion, but 'luckily,' she 'didn't have to do that'

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Mumbai, June 1 (IANS) Actress Rakul Preet Singh, who was seen in the streaming film 'Chhatriwali', and the recent Tamil-Telugu bilingual film 'Boo', has shared that she always had a contingency plan if things didn't work out for her on the acting front.

The actress recently graced an episode of the podcast 'The Habit Coach with Ashdin Doctor' by IVM Podcasts where she spoke of her Plan B.

She said: "When I moved to Bombay. I was 20 and that's it. I'm a Maths graduate, so I had told myself I will give it (acting) a try for 2 years and if it doesn't work out, I'll get back to my studies. That's the reason I completed my graduation. The first film happened when I was in college."

She further mentioned: "But, I fell short of attendance and then I was like no, let me finish my college. So yeah I gave myself 2 years, luckily things worked out. But Plan B was that I would do an MBA in Fashion but, luckily I didn't have to do that, it worked out."

She also shared that discipline helped her shape her career to a large extent. The actress comes from an army family as her father is an Army officer. Hence, discipline is naturally ingrained in her conduct.

She further mentioned: "Whatever I have done in my life from being a complete outsider, not knowing a soul in the industry is due to my discipline. When I started out. I didn't know how I would crack it, or what the way was going to be. I just figured the route on the way, but I was disciplined."

"I knew that this is the amount of work I have to put in. When I was not working, I was auditioning. I had a timetable even then. I always believe if you put in those many hours, the universe will make it happen for you. Because you are giving that intention that it is happening," she added.

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