Two women and husband come up with unique agreement to live together

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Gwalior: A man from Guruguram has married two women and is living happily. The man, who is an engineer in the city, got married to a Gwalior-based woman in 2018 and they lived together. During Covid-19 lockdown, he sent his wife back to her parent’s home in Gwalior. 

The lockdown was lifted by the government but the man did not return to take back his legally wedded wife. The woman grew suspicious and went to his Gurugrm office. She was shocked to see that her husband had married a colleague and a girl was also born during the period. Said Harish Diwan, a lawyer associated with the family court in Gwalior city.

This angered the first wife who protested his second marriage and later approached a family court in Gwalior for justice, he said. 

The Gwalior-based family court summoned her husband. The marriage counsellors made several attempts to counsel him, but the man refused to leave the second woman. The counsellors then spoke to both wives to resolve the issue but they were not ready to make any sacrifice. 

Later, the man and his two wives agreed to live separately. According to an agreement they reached, the man will stay three days of a week with his first wife and another three with the Gurugram woman and the man was given liberty to live with the woman of his choice. The man has kept his two wives in two different houses and also agreed to split his salary between them. The marriage counsellor said that the man and his two wives have reached this agreement and the family court had no role in it. 

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