Pune: Mercedes India CEO Takes An Auto-rickshaw After Getting Stuck In Traffic

 - Sakshi Post

After getting stuck in traffic in Pune, Mercedes India CEO Schwenk left his Mercedes S-Class and walked for a kilometre on foot to hire an auto to cover the remaining distance to his destination.

Sharing a photo from his auto ride on Instagram, he said he had to take an auto-rickshaw to navigate his way out of the traffic. 

"If your S-class is stuck in traffic on the wonderful Pune roads - what do you do? Maybe getting off the car, start walking for a few KM's and then grabbing a rickshaw?" he wrote.

Schwenk has been associated with Mercedes since 2006 and has held different roles in his 16-year stint so far. He has been the CEO of Mercedes-Benz India since 2018. Before that, he served as the Chief Financial Officer of Mercedes-Benz China. 

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