Delhi: Rahul Gandhi Joins Farmers' Protest By Riding Tractor

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Today Rahul Gandhi rode a tractor to Parliament to protest against the farm laws. He was along with the farmers who have been protesting for a long time. He was seated at the front of the tractor wearing a comfortable shirt and trousers. Gandhi also wore a mask as it is a Covid19 requirement.

Farmers have been protesting against the three farm laws. Today even Rahul Gandhi joined the protest and spoke against the government. He said that the center is not listening to the farmers and are making things difficult for them. These farmers have been protesting for so long and the center refused to listen to their plea.

I am here to make the Parliament listen to these farmers. The center has been doing nothing but suppress the voice and message of these farmers. A proper discussion is necessary. A discussion needs to take place in Parliament. The laws need to go, said Gandhi.

He added that the farm laws are not going to benefit the farmers but only the rich businessmen. The three laws are not in their favour. That is what the center needs to understand and change its decision.

According to the centre, these people who are protesting are not farmers but terrorists, that are here to disrupt the nation’s peace. But indeed they are poor farmers who want only the welfare of all and for the government to listen to them.

The farmers' protest has been going on since November. They have been at the Delhi border. Many marches and rallies have been conducted till now. A lot of discussions and meetings happened over the period of several months. But there seems to be no conclusion to it.

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